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Mapping – Aerial Survey



 Client: Sara Grayson – Jerry Grayson


Mapped the Operation Centre of Melton City Council, Photogrammetry of 6 buildings, dam.

Operation Centre surface: 24.000sqm with GCP’s, Drone: Phantom 4 Advanced, GSD: 1.1cm.

Pictures will be uploaded upon approval.


Pix4D Flight Path



On site data wrangling, integrity check



We provide Geo referenced Orthomosaic 2D and 3D model, onsite drone data capture and Point Cloud processing.

Optional post processing available with Pix4D – QGIS – Sketchfab for additional deliverables.


3D model house mapping example in Pix4D for a Client in Rye (AirBNB integration) with raw processing.

Data acquisition: Mavic 2 Pro – no GCP’s – flight planning with Drone Deploy, in Nadir, raw Point Cloud processed.






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